Hack update every Monday ! last 27.05.2013

hey Guys welcome to my site today i want to show you my self coded Bf3 Aimbot it is 100% undetectable and Virus free i made it just 4 fun to see if its possible have fun with it :) its Undetectable cause i update the hack every Monday so stay tuned

Hackinvasion #3 Starting tomorow join Teamspeake 132.42.126:2701 pw Jimyshacks
 bf3 aimbot download button

bf3 aimbot download button
NameTags    Distance Tags    Health Bars    3D Boxes    2D Boxes

CrossHair    2D Radar    Knife Bot    Trigger Bot    Enemy Warnings

Soldier Aimbot    Vehicle Aimbot    No Spread/Recoil    Visual Checking

FOV Checking    ESP Distance Limiter    ESP Fader (by Distance)    No Sniper Breathing when Zooming

Bullet Drop/Prediction    Health/Ammo ESP for Hardcore modes

Shit/Friend List - (Highlights Players Accordingly) - Up to 64 Players now!

One Shot Kill - One shot increases damage enough to kill the enemy

Grenade ESP (Spheres around Grenades to easily see then) Friendly Color and Enemy Color

Supply ESP (Ammo and Medic Boxes)    Bullet ESP (Draws Spheres around bullets)

Fast Bullets (Speeds up hand held Weapon Bullets)    Missile ESP

Explosive ESP    3D Map (Mini Map) enemie player positions - good for mortoring! Thanks Kirby for the help!

Jet Speed Maintain